Hey! My name is Tommy Gabriel

Social Media Influencer.

Digital Marketing.

Live Host.

A little bit of my story

Think of Tommy Gabriel as a social media star who turned his passion for tech and celebrity news into a sparkling career. Born in New Jersey, he started back in 2014, building a community online filled with like-minded folks who just as craved the latest tech updates and the juiciest Kardashian drama. His talent for commentary caught the eye of TMZ in 2016, while he was still rocking high school!

Since then, Tommy's grown his fanbase to a dazzling 60,000 followers across the globe! He calls them his "online buddies," sharing a personal connection that makes his content feel like hanging out with a friend who knows all the tea. You can even catch him on his Instagram (@itstommygabriel) sharing snippets of his life.

But Tommy's not just about gossip. He's a marketing and branding wiz too! This guy landed a billboard in Times Square at just 22, and his skills have helped companies grow their brands tenfold! Now that's some serious magic.

On his chill days, you might find Tommy catching some zzz's, mastering Portuguese, or signing his favorite songs in American Sign Language. This dude is always learning and growing, which is part of what makes him so inspiring.

So, yeah, Tommy Gabriel is more than just a TMZ commentator. He's a trendsetter, a digital friend, and a marketing guru all rolled into one. That's why he's become such an icon in the pop culture world, with his bubbly personality and savvy skills lighting up the online space.

Hope this helps paint a brighter picture of who Tommy Gabriel is.

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